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Enclosure panels for Voron V0 (NeoBond+PMMA)

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Full set of enclosure panels for Voron V0 (NeoBond®+PMMA)

NB! Top hat hardware kit can be bought separately 


NeoBond® panels for Voron V0:
· deck panel (front) - 1pcs
· deck panel (rear) - 1pcs
· middle panel - 1pcs
· back panel - 1pcs
Aluminium composite panels (3mm) with aluminium layers: 0.5mm
(one side is black and another is grey)

Transparent PMMA panels for Voron V0:
· side panel - 212x230x3.0mm (2pcs)
· front panel - 212x239x3.0mm (1pcs)

Transparent PMMA Top Hat panels for Voron V0:
· top panel - 172.5x172.5x3.0mm (1pcs)
· side panel - 172.8x204.9x64.4x3.0mm (4pcs)
· hardware kit

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