LDO Voron V2.4 kit (300x300)


LDO Voron V2.4 Kit
Printed parts and Hotend are not included in the following kit

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Main Features:
· Premium LDO Parts:
   · Voron V2.4 Motor kits
   · Frame colour options (Black, Red, Blue, Orange, ...)
   · Stainless Steel Linear Rails
   · Casting AL build plate
   · Double-sided PEI coated flex plate
· Toolhead & Breakout PCB (based on the popular hartk design)
· Pre-cut & Pre-wired cables
· Input Shaper Toolkit (ADXL345)
· Keenovo Silicon Heater
· BigTreeTech Octopus V1.1 Controller
· Genuine BondTech BMG dual drive gears
· Genuine Gates 2GT timing belts
· LDDO selected hardware & Brass Heatset Insert Tool
· Nevermore Filter kit included
· Klicky mod kit included
· LED lightning kit included
· Mystery Package

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