Voron Trident 250x250 Partial Kit

1 000,00 €

Partial kit for Voron Trident 300x300
· Printed parts are not included
· Hot-end is not included
· Raspberry PI is not included
· Preparation & packaging ~2 weeks
· Free shipping for EU customers

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The Voron Trident is a CoreXY type large format enclosed 3D Printer with linear rails on every axis, a stable build plate and a powerful bed heater. Our kit is direct feed, using blind joints, IGUS cable chains, with StealthBurner & ClockWork2 upgrades, ABS panels, Nevermore carbon capture and amazing pre-done wire harnesses.

Main Features:
· Premium LDO Motors Parts:
     · Voron Trident Motors:
       · LDO-42STH48-2004MAH(VRN) - 2pcs
       · LDO-42STH40-1684CL300E(VRN) - 3pcs
       · LDO-36STH20-1004AHG(VRN) - 1pcs
   · Voron Trident Frame (300x300)
   · Stainless Steel Linear Rails:
       · SLR12H-1R-350Z0 - 1pcs
       · SLR9H-1R-350Z0 - 2pcs
       · SLR9H-1R-300Z0 - 3pcs
   · Double-sided PEI textured flex plate
· Black set of pulleys & idlers (Runice)
· Genuine Igus chains for XYZ Axis
· Geniune Igus spherical bearings EGLM-05
· Genuine BondTech extruder parts:
   · Drivegear kit 1.75/5.0
   · Thumbscrew Assembly
   · Shaft assembly
· StealthBurner & CW2 toolhead hardware
· StealthBurner LED's pre-build wires
· Keenovo pre-wired heater (240x240mm; 600W)
· GraviFlex Magnetic sheet (302x302x1mm)
· Precision Machined Cast Aluminium Plate (300x300mm)
· Fysetc Spider v2.3 board + 6x TMC2209
· Fysetc ADXL module
· Nevermore mod hardware
· 0ndsk4's Nevermore Carbon
· ABS/PMMA panels with door screw mod
· Pre-crimped Heluflon wireharness
· Genuine Mean Well PSU (RSP200-24) & Omron SSR
· DIN Rails (yellow zinc, 418mm)
· Stainless steel hardware kit (screws & nuts)
· XY end-stop PCB solution
· Cable ducts and cable sleeves

NB! It is not LDO Motors kit, we are using some LDO Motors parts to prepare our own kits and trying to add the most quality components from the best suppliers over the world.