ASA 1.75 - Чёрный 0.75кг

19,96 €

ASA (акрилонитрил стиролакрилат)
Упаковка: нетто 0.75кг; Ø1.75мм

· сильное сопротивление УФ-излучению
· подходит для наружного использования
· высокая износостойкость и ударопрочность

Недостаточно товаров на складе

ASA (acrylonitrile styrene acrylate)
· strong UV resistance
· suitable for outdoor use
· high wear and impact resistance

· extruder: 240-260°C
· bed: 100°C

Spools are wrapped in vacuum foil with silica drying bag, then put into carton boxes. Carton box is heat-sealed in the PE film.

· net weight 0.75 kg
· spool height: 95 mm
· spool diameter: 200 mm

ASA, or acrylonitrile styrene acrylate, is a thermoplastic that combines mechanical strength, UV resistance and water resistance. It also has high dimensional stability and good chemical resistance, making it ideal for prototyping, outdoor applications and the automotive industry.