Voron V2.4 350x350 kit


Complete solution kit for Voron V2.4R2 350x350
· With Dragon Hot-end (HF) & Raspberry PI 4 (4Gb) included
· Includes all plastic parts and tools
· You can make your first print in ~30h

Raspberry PI
Plastic parts
Titanium backers
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The Voron 2.4R2 is a CoreXY type large format enclosed 3D Printer with linear rails on every axis, a stable build plate and a powerful bed heater. Our kit is direct feed, using blind joints, IGUS cable chains, with StealthBurner & ClockWork2 upgrades, it has LED’s to show off your work, Neobond panels, Titanium backers, Nevermore carbon capture and amazing predone wire harnesses.

Main Features:

· Premium LDO Parts:
   · Voron V2.4 Motors:
       · LDO-42STH48-2004MAH(VRN) - 2pcs
       · LDO-42STH48-2004AC(VRN) - 4pcs
       · LDO Motors LDO-36STH20-1004AHG (E motor) - 1pcs
   · Voron V2.4 Black Frame (250x250)
   · Stainless Steel Linear Rails:
       · SLR12H-1R-300Z1- 1pcs
       · SLR9H-1R-300Z0- 6pcs
   · Double-sided PEI coated flex plate
   · Brass Heatset Insert Tool
· Black set of pulleys & idlers
· Genuine Igus chains for XYZ Axis
· Genuine Raspberry PI 4 (4Gb)
· Genuine BondTech extruder parts
· Keenovo Silicone Heater
· Magnetic sheet
· High Quality Magnetic Flexible PEI Sheet
· Precision Machined Cast Aluminum Plate
· Spider V2.2 Controller + 7x TMC2209
· StealthBurner & CW2 toolhead assembly
· Dragon Hot-end (HF) included
· Nevermore mod assembly + Original Nevermore Activated Carbon
· LED mounts with diffuser (3pcs)
· Neobond panels precut (3pcs)
· Door panel set with screw mod (url)
· Pre-crimped Heluflon wireharness
· Titanium backers
· Genuine Mean Well PSU & Omron SSR
· Genuine Omron Proximity Sensor and assembled EUCLID PROBE
· DIN Rails cut to size
· Cable ducts and cable sleeves
· Titanium backers
· Printed parts with heat inserts (eSun ABS+)


Model Number

Voron 2.4 R2                              

Max. Print Size 


Layer Height


Nozzle Temp.


Bed Temp.


Nozzle Diameter


Filament Diameter


Max. Print Speed


Max. Travel Speed


Power Supply



Configs and BOM in Github

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