LECKTOR TECHNOLOGIES OÜ, registration code 12859495 (hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider) and the client, who places an order in the online store lecktor.com and identifies himself, indicating his personal data (hereinafter referred to as Service User), entered into this Agreement of Use of an online store (hereinafter referred to as the Terms of Use).


1.1 The online shop lecktor.com (hereinafter referred to as the online shop) is the Internet shop created by the Service Provider, through which the goods are sold to the Service User.

1.2 lecktor.com and lecktor.ee are registered trademarks owned by the Service Provider.


2.1 The parties to the contract are governed by the regulation of relations between themselves by the Law on Debt Law and other laws of the Republic of Estonia, as well as other legal acts and the provisions established in the Agreement on the use of an online store.

2.2 The service provider has the right to make changes to the proposed online store service at any time.

2.3 The Service Provider has the right to unilaterally change the terms of the contract of use without the obligation to notify the Service User in writing by e-mail.


3.1 Products displayed in an online store are usually in stock. The presence of goods displayed in the online store may change due to technical problems in the programs of the warehouse or online store.

3.2 If the goods are not in stock and the order cannot be completed, the employee of the online store contacts the user and offers a possible new delivery date or replacement of goods with an equivalent other product having the same price and quality, or a refund of money paid. The money is returned to the Service User immediately, but no later than within 14 days after the order is submitted.

3.3 Images of goods are illustrative and may differ from the actual product. The description of goods available in the online store is not necessarily exhaustive and may contain inadvertent errors.

3.4 Products offered in the online store are sold to both individuals and legal entities.

3.5 The user of the service confirms that he has reached the age of 15.

3.6 The service user selects the desired goods and undertakes to enter the data required to complete the order (last name, first name, contact phone number, contact email address, shipping address, zip code), and makes payment for the goods using a credit card, PayPal or Internet bank through a bank link based on a prepaid account.

3.6.1 Payment for legal entities is based on the pro forma invoice.

3.7 When placing an order, the Service User undertakes to provide the correct data that is necessary to fulfil the order. The Service Provider shall not be liable for non-fulfilment of the order due to the provision of incorrect data by the Service User, or for any consequences arising from this.

3.8 The sale occurs when the Service User has sent an order via the Internet page of the online store and also paid for the order.


4.1 All online store prices are in euros and include VAT for European Union countries.

4.2 For countries outside the European Union, as well as for legal entities registered in the European Union, the price will be quoted without turnover tax (VAT).

4.3 The service provider has the right to change the prices indicated in the online store at any time. If the prices in the online store are changed after the order is submitted by the Service User and paid for, the Service Provider undertakes to deliver the relevant goods to the user at the prices that were valid at the time the order was submitted. The user of the service has no right to demand compensation for the price difference.


5.1 The user of the service has the right to choose one of the methods provided for the delivery of goods.

5.2 If the Service User chooses postal service as the delivery method, then, depending on the location, the delivery of the goods is made within 2-10 business days.

5.3 If the Service User chooses a courier delivery method, the goods will be delivered by courier within 1-7 business days. All shipments are insured until the transfer to the client.

5.4 Transfer of the ordered goods shall be made only upon presentation of the identity document belonging to the User of the service specified in the order. The transfer of goods to third parties is made only by agreement with the Service User.


6.1 If the Service User wishes, after submitting the order and prior to the execution of the contract by the Service Provider, withdraw from the service contract, the Service User undertakes to notify the Service Provider in writing as soon as possible. A written notice should be sent to support@lecktor.com. In the e-mail, you must specify the order number and your current account, and add the contact details of the Service User (name, surname, date of order submission, contact phone number).

6.2 If the Service Provider receives a declaration of derogation after the contract has been executed by the Service Provider, the contractual derogation takes place in accordance with the “Return Policy” section of the Online Store Use Agreement.

6.3 The Service Provider shall immediately transfer back to the Service User the amount paid, but no later than within 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract.

6.4 Money is transferred to the same bank account from which it was received by the Service Provider.


7.1 For goods purchased from the online store, there is a right to return within 14 days.

7.2 The returned goods must be without damage, in the complete set and be in the original packaging.

7.3 To return a product, you must notify the return by email at support@lecktor.com

7.4 In the case of withdrawal from the contract, the consumer must immediately return the purchased item, but no later than 14 days after the notification of withdrawal from the contract.

7.5 In the event of a refund, the money is transferred back to the Service User immediately, but not later than within 14 days after receipt of the notice of withdrawal from the contract.

7.6 Money is transferred to the same bank account from which it was received by the Service Provider.

7.7 The Service User undertakes to pay the costs associated with the return of the goods in the amount of 10 EUR, except for the case when the returned goods did not correspond to the order of the consumer.

7.8 The right to return within 14 days does not apply to goods made according to the personal needs of the Service User.

7.9 If the condition of the returned goods (and the packaging of the goods) worsens, and the deterioration is caused by circumstances that are not related to the Service Provider, but are caused by the result of improper use, the Service Provider has the right to compensate for the loss of the value of the returned goods from the original price paid. The Service Provider will send an application for compensation to the Service User by email. If the User of the service does not agree with the reduction of the value specified in the notice of compensation, he has the right to use an independent expert to determine the amount of damage. The cost of the expert evaluation is distributed between the Service User and the Service Provider, unless the opinion of one of the parties is clearly unreasonable. In the case of a clearly unfounded position, the costs associated with the expert assessment will be borne by the party whose position is clearly unfounded in the opinion of the expert.


8.1 With regard to goods sold in the online store, the provisions specified in Part 2 of Art. 218 of the Law on Debt Law guarantee 2-year period for claims from the date of transfer of goods to the consumer.

8.2 During the period for filing claims, the buyer has the right to free repair of the purchased goods. In case if repair is impossible, the goods are replaced on the basis of a decision made by an authorized workshop. If the replacement of the goods is not possible, the buyer has the right to terminate the contract of sale and demand a refund.

8.3 The right to submit claims is valid only upon presentation of the original document on the purchase of goods.

8.4 The right to make a claim is subject to the condition that the product has been used exclusively under the stipulated conditions and only in the household. If the failure occurred due to the fault of the manufacturer, then all defects in production and materials are corrected, and the cost of work and spare parts are also compensated. Damage caused by external conditions (thunderstorm, power surges, insufficient ventilation, leaking batteries, fire, flooding, normal wear, etc.), as well as improper handling of the goods, are not compensable.

8.5 Claims are not training in the use of the goods, adjustment, maintenance, cleaning, restoration of the product type, as well as the elimination of defects caused by non-compliance with the terms of use.

8.6 The deadline for claims is terminated and the services of free repair do not apply if:

8.6.1 Upon presentation of the goods for the repair, the purchase document necessary for the repair is not provided, or if the data in it was changed without authorization;

8.6.2 The serial number or model number is altered, deleted, moved or unreadable;

8.6.3 Changes were voluntarily made to the design of the product or its factory configuration, no matter how much and how competent, or if the product was repaired by a workshop not authorized by lecktor.com;

8.6.4 The product failed due to the owner’s fault as a result of improper use, non-compliance with instructions for use or excessive load.

8.7 The right to make a claim does not apply to damage resulting from transportation after transferring the goods to the customer, improper use, improper installation of the software, or use of the goods in an unintended way. It is also not considered a claim for normal wear and tear of parts as a result of regular use.

8.8 In the event that the object of the claim is replaced by another, then the goods are subject to a new term for submitting claims for the same period. If one of the components is replaced, then the new term for claims is valid for the replaced component.

8.9 To make a complaint, you should send an email to support@lecktor.com

8.10 The right to make a claim is valid for all goods sold by the e-shop lecktor.com

8.11 In addition to the rights arising from the right to make claims, the buyer has all other rights under the laws of the Republic of Estonia.


9.1 The Service User gives the Service Provider clear and informed consent for the processing of their personal data.

9.2 The personal data of the Service User, specified by the user when placing the Order and becoming known to the Service Provider, are entered into the client register and are used to provide sales services and to offer goods to the Service User.

9.3 The source of personal data is the emergence of customer relations when placing an order in the online store.

9.4 Personal data to be recorded includes data on the order of the Service User - personal code, last name, first name (s), street, house, apartment number, town or city, postal code, telephone number, address, year of birth, gender, delivery method, payment method used, acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Agreement on the use of the online store, acceptance of the sale offers, notes sent to the email address in free text.

9.5 The personal data of the Service User, necessary for the delivery of goods to the Service User, is transferred to the enterprise that provides courier services.

9.6 The protection of personal data is ensured by all security measures arising from the law.

9.7 The Service Provider undertakes not to transfer the registered personal data to unauthorized persons.

9.8 The Service Provider reserves the right to transfer personal data relating to the User’s service to persons who have the legal right to do so and who process the data in order to fulfill the obligations stipulated by law, as well as to those who have the legal right to do so and to protect life, health or freedom Service user or other person.

9.9 The user of the service has the right to check personal data relating to him, as well as to change it or ask him to remove his personal data from the register.

9.10 The Service User agrees to the Service Provider to send an order confirmation to the email address provided when placing the order.


10.1 The service provider is responsible within the price of the sale of goods. The service provider does not accept liability for damages caused by defective goods, such as damage to property or information, loss of turnover or profits.

10.2 The service user undertakes to use the online store service exclusively in accordance with the law and good traditions.

10.3 The user of the service is responsible for all costs associated with the acquisition and maintenance of data exchange systems of software used equipment, as well as using other services of the online store.

10.4 The Service User is fully liable for damages caused to the Service Provider, other Service Users or third parties as a result of using the online store in a manner contrary to the terms of the Online Store Use Agreement, as well as contrary to the law or good traditions.


11.1. Disagreements between the Service User and the Service Provider arising from the Agreement on the use of an online store are resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Estonia. If no agreement is reached, disputes are resolved in Harju County Court.


12.1 When ordering goods in the online store for delivery outside the European Union, the Service User may be subject to import fees and taxes, which are charged after the parcel reaches the specified destination.

12.2 Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the Service User, since the Service Provider does not control these fees.

12.3 The customs policy varies greatly from country to country, therefore the Service User should contact the local customs service for more information.

12.4 When ordering in the online store you are considered an importer of the goods and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you receive the goods.

12.5 The user of the service should be aware that international parcels can be opened and checked by the customs service.


13.1 Familiarization with the terms and conditions specified in the Terms of Use Agreement is mandatory for the Service User.

13.2 Having noted the checkbox in the corresponding window “I agree to the terms of service and will adhere to them unconditionally", the Service User agrees that he has read the terms and conditions established in the Agreement, understood them and agrees with them.