Voron V0.2 kit


Complete solution kit for Voron V0.2
· With DragonFly Black Hot-end & Raspberry PI Zero 2W included
· Includes all plastic parts (ABS Glass Fibre) and tools
· You can make your first print in ~25h

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· Premium hardware from LDO Motors
· NeoBond panels (matt black)
· Black hardware set (with original MakerBeamXL t-nuts)
· MGN9 rail for X axis
· Graviflex magnetic foil
· Black DragonFly hotend
· Heluflon wire harness
· Umbilical PCB mod
· LED strips mod
· Original BondTech hardware for the toolhead
· All printed parts from ABS GF (black, dark red)
· Raspberry Pi Zero 2W
· Kirigami bed mod with LED
· LCD display