Galileo2 Extruder kit (G2E)


Design by JaredC01:
Manufactured by LDO Motors:

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Galileo2 is a full redesign, moving to a 9:1 gear ratio and optimizing the gearbox design over Galileo1. No parts from Galileo 1 are reused with Galileo 2.

Custom 9T stepper with a taller spur gear resulting in 20% higher contact surface area than existing 10T stepper designs, resulting in better wear characteristics and power transfer.

Proper meshing of gears due to number of stepper teeth being divisible by number of planets (9T sun / 3 planets), which gives even loading on the planets / sun gear and improves wear characteristics and power transfer. Previous designs with 10T steppers had uneven loading on the planet gears.

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