Kalev Berberis Candies


Additional 100gr of Kalev berberis candies


Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) is a wild bush that grows at the edge of the forest, brush and roadside; decorative varieties are popular in gardens and parks. Their red berries are sour and contain a number of useful elements used for making jellies, drinks and confections.

Kalev has been producing barberry-flavoured hard-boiled sweets for more than 60 years. This hard-boiled sweets with its original sour taste is the most popular Kalev product of its sort to date. Have a sweet in your cheek and sip your sugarless tea – this is the classical way to enjoy barberry flavoured hard-boiled sweet.

Hard-boiled sweets are good for weight watchers; they do not contain fat and thus have fewer calories than chocolate.

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