Voron V2.4 350x350 PRO Kit

2 045,86 €

Voron V2.4R2 350x350 Pro Edition kit
· Includes all printed parts and tools
· Phaetus Dragon Hot-end (HF) is included
· Preparation & packaging ~6 weeks
· Free shipping for EU customers via DHL or DPD


The Voron 2.4R2 is a CoreXY type large format enclosed 3D Printer with linear rails on every axis, a stable build plate and a powerful bed heater. Our kit is direct feed, using blind joints, IGUS cable chains, with StealthBurner & ClockWork2 upgrades, it has CaseLight LED’s to show off your work, NeoBond panels, Titanium backers, Nevermore assembly, BTT CanBus with KNOMI and amazing pre-done wire harnesses.

Main Features:
· Premium LDO Parts:
   · Voron V2.4 Motors:
       · LDO-42STH48-2804AH(VRN) - 2pcs
       · LDO-42STH60-2004MAH(VRN) - 4pcs
       · LDO Motors LDO-36STH20-1004AHG (E motor) - 1pcs
   · Voron V2.4 Black or Space Gray Frame (350x350)
   · Stainless Steel Linear Rails:
       · SLR12H-1R-400Z1 - 1pcs
       · SLR9H-1R-400Z0 - 6pcs
   · Double-sided PEI coated flex plate
· Black set of pulleys & idlers
· Genuine Igus chains for Z Axis
· BTT CB1 module
· Genuine BondTech extruder parts
· Keenovo Silicone Heater
· GraviFlex magnetic sheet
· Precision Machined Cast Aluminum Plate
· BTT Manta M8P + 4x TMC2209 + 2x TMC5160T
· BTT TFT50 screen
· BTT CanBus solution (EBB SB2240 + U2C V2.1)
· StealthBurner & CW2 toolhead assembly
· Phaetus Dragon HotEnd HF
· Nevermore mod assembly
· Original Nevermore Activated Carbon
· LED mounts with diffuser (3pcs)
· ACM NeoBond panels (6pcs)
· Door panel set with screw mod (PMMA)
· Pre-crimped Heluflon wireharness
· Titanium backers
· Genuine Mean Well PSU & Omron SSR
· CNC Voron TAP (OptoTAP v2.4.1)
· DIN Rails cut to size
· Cable ducts and cable sleeves
· BFI (Beefy Front Idlers) mod
· BZI (Beefy Z Idlers) mod
· AB & XY joints PINs mod
· Printed parts with heat inserts (ABS-GF glass fibre reinforced ABS)

· Model: Voron V2.4R2 350x350 PRO
· Max print size: 350x350x340mm
· Layer height: 0.05~0.4mm
· Max nozzle temperature: 500°C
· Max bed temperature: 125°C
· Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm
· Filament diameter: 1.75mm
· Max print speed: 500mm/s
· Max travel speed: 3000mm/s
· Power supply: 320W

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